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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Into The Lido Leap Year

Not just another day at the Lido ... Nooooo, this day only comes around every 4 years : LEAP YEAR DAY! and another excuse (if there was any needed...?!) for SLSC members to leap into 7 degrees water first thing in the morning!

The idea came from no other than Sangeeta who is always happy to get a crowd together enjoying themselves.

This IS what I call leaping! Sangeeta in her element!
Sangeeta performed an additional leap after having brought about & exhecuted a group leap first thing at 7.15am
Way to go Sangeeta!

Ange was already in the water
before any leaping activity

All that remained after the group leap!

calm after the storm

Peter ("Ra" as he likes to be known as!) arriving after the group leap ...

Sangeeta enjoying her post leap swim

drawing on the water

Stephanie went on to swim and swim and swim ...
(after having joined in the group leap)

here she still has a full length ahead of her ...

almost there : lap 13!

lucky for some!

this arm ...

belongs to this man! Peter Ra.

Batch coming to the end of his stint-
Time for me to get in - 4 lengths and 2 widths ...
still can't get myself to swim 6 lengths ... soon I hope!

After all that early morning action we also had a photographer, called Magnus, from the South London Press, take photos of who ever was willing to leap in .... well not exactly, first he wanted as many of us to pose in front of the colourful (trademark) Lido doors ... so quite a few of us obliged .. before we also did a group leap ... Alex took part too and took some shots which he posted on his blog entry of today .... the water being colder than the air temperature, his lens fogged over a bit which makes for interesting distortions!

PS : the video clip of the group leap is HERE for ALL to see!

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  1. With all these photos I really will have to start shaving before coming up here!