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Friday, 24 February 2012

Exuberant Steph

Stephanie was grinning all over her face ... she was very hot "having stayed in the sauna too long" and was ready to cool off and dive in ... Alex arrived a touch too late to catch Steph's (1st) dive ... so I asked her to dive in again .. she gladly did .. but where was Alex??? He disappeared (behind our backs) into his cubicle ... on hearing the second splash .. he popped his head out .... oh no he missed it again ... he was obviously too keen to get in the water ...
Steph said it was 6C .. and David measured it at 5.5C - split the difference ... and it is still "cold" albeit warmer than the day before! Both Steph and Alex swam 8 lengths - Vince did 6 - I kept it at 2 lengths, some underwater shots and 2 widths - plenty for me - before the sauna anyway ... after which I added on a couple of widths.

Stephanie diving for joy ... not only once ..

... but twice!
notice the slightly different style ...
and in this shot her hair is (already) wet

Alex cruising along on his first length -
on seeing the photo Alex commented that he didn't realise his legs were as low as they are ...

Alex pushing off the wall after his tumble turn -
he swam a total of 8 lengths and feeling, I wouldn't immediately say "much the better" for it ... but certainly "none the worse" for it :)

Alison... now you "see her" ...

... now "you don't" ...

Mark ... first "up" ...

... then "down" the pool ... a few times!!

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  1. The dives look great, I'd gone back in to get my camera when Steph did her second dive. Yes my legs seem a bit low but I'm glad about how far my right hand is pushing back, looks almost impossible when you think about where the shoulder is.