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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Coffee Filtered

No blog for 2 days ... sorry !

yesterday I was away all day with a very early start which meant no swim ... and no swim meant no blog! :)
On tuesday, on the other hand, I had a bit of a mystery happen to my (beautiful!) images - they were all on the camera to see ... Alex and Ian are my witnesses ;) when I arrived home and put the SD card into my card reader, they were GONE .... shock horror!
To cut a long story short: what followed : lots of googling, reading photography forums.. finding a "solution" in a software that retrieves lost data .. which partly worked ... I saw the images in the software (yeah!!) but when it came to retrieving them again something went wrong ... oh so wrong .... shame ...! which resulted in no blog entry for tuesday feb. 14th ... probably a valentine jinx!

Anyway, before the mystery is completely solved and I know for sure whether I have a dodgy SD card or a malfunctioning card reader, I didn't want to go through the same "ordeal" (well, at least I didn't lose wedding shots or anything "really valuable!"), I resorted to using a photography software I have on my mobile phone instead !

Oh and I swam again too! ahhhhhh what bliss : 1 length and 2 widths was enough for me!

All shots taken with a filter called .. wait for it : "coffee" (what else!)
so what follows are for some coffee filtered images :)

Vince and his daughter, Laurie making the most of half term

Alex upped his game and swam 4 lengths - "3 would have been enough, according to Alex, but once up in the deep end at the end of lengths no. 3 I had to get back!"

Batch getting ready to swim, lengths I thought ...

Once in Batch changed his mind ... and swam 2 widths -
hiding his face, he didn't want to own up to the evidence:)

others were getting ready ...

... 4 in total

Vince, Chris, Nick and Clare

... for a game of "hand tennis"
against the wall

A creative moment for Batch

before settling down again, enjoying the sun
and a good natter with Hilary

all calm again ... not a single trace of ice left -
water temperature just below 2C

this empty cup was floating in the water when I swam ...
and miraculously found its way out ...

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  1. Glad we have pictures again, like the coffee filter.