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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

They Keep On Diving

Surprisingly, no frost this morning but an icy, icy wind which meant that the water took another dive (too!) down the thermometer ... Stephanie greeting me with the good news : she measured the water @ 3.1C ... can I still swim two lengths, I asked her? "yes of course you can!"
OK then, I will.
Steph swam 5 lengths and after the sauna felt hot and ...

... as good as new, ready for another beautiful dive!
This time I thought of catching her from the other side ... against the rising sun .. which made for a beautiful back lit image

although we didn't have a frosty night, the wind was so relentlessly cold ... "bitter cold" actually that the water from people coming out of the pool, froze nonetheless!

I challenged Angus to dive in too ... "I haven't got my diving goggles on",
he announced ...
just keep your head well tucked in, was my advise and the goggles will stay on!
so he did and the goggles stayed on!

so he was able to continue -
he swam 2 widths as fast as he could!

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