Friday, 17 February 2012

General Consent

Not sure what the water temperature was today ... but the general consent this morning pointed towards it being ever so slightly "warmer" than yesterday!

Alex swam 4 lengths and found the 4th to be "less painful" than yesterday - that must be a good sign!

I kept my tally at: a dive in from the deep end, one lengths and 2 widths ... followed by a long time in the sauna ... mainly chatting with Nadine - which was just as refreshing as my swim itself! Nadine is full of energy with a huge zest for adventure and an unquenchable yearning to experience all what life has to offer - Inspiring others and being inspired by others lies at the forefront of her daily activities - check out Nadine's own website! No photos of Nadine today as I was already in the sauna when she did her stint.

By the time we ended our conversation I was so hot I had to dive back in and swim another two widths - which Alex captured and put on his blog entry today!

Once showered and fully dressed again I got some shots of Pip and Laurie

setting off on his 3rd length

After length 4, Pip offered to swim towards me for a great underwater shot of him!

Vince brought his daughter Laurie who was keen to get in the water ...
having just taken my camera out of the freezing water and into warmer air temperature,
it fogged up which is why Laurie looks like she is in a haze!

seconds later the lens cleared
Laurie was still all smiles and keen to get in .... a toe seemed enough ... all Laurie kept saying was "it's freezing it's freezing!"
It will take a few years before she'll be as tough as "Father Vince" :)

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