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Monday, 13 February 2012

Unique Pair Of Spectacles

Although the air temperature seemed a lot milder, 2/3 of the pool was still covered in ice... We were still restricted to swimming in the deep end of the Lido ... The lifeguards kept an eagle eye on loose pieces of ice floating around - their efforts meant that a narrow path across the width of the top end of the pool as well as a narrow line at the top cubicle side up to the next steps were kept safe -

The water felt amazing again - I can describe diving in as a beautiful and almost surreal moment ... it takes a while before the message "that water is cold" actually sets in! and swimming 2 widths was actually "easy" ... others stayed in the water for longer .... they too enjoyed it!

Karen fishing out loose pieces of ice floating around the deep end

Although there was less ice in the deep end,
it was still considerably thicker than in the shallow end
Nadine getting psyched up before her swim in
(so David said) -1C water temperature

John on his way back to the steps in the deep end -
you can see how thick the water is

Nadine making her way down the steps

for a beautifully invigorating swim

out with a smile, feeling all the better for her swim

Nando, the Lido bomber from Rio is back

swimming to shore ...

... ready for bomb number two!

Chris "ploughing" through thick water alone -
sparring partner Sue R. is on skiing hols.

a huge layer of ice, albeit quite thin, is still covering most of the pool

the cover of ice

Nando stepped in the shallow end of the pool -
breaking the thin layer
in search of his own unique specs!


  1. Looks amazing, Nando second Bomb picture is great. I'll be back tomorrow I hope.

  2. Glad you liked the cake, lets hope the rain melts the remaining ice today! Nando's bomb number 2 looks like he was trying to walk on water but fell sideways! Great shot.

  3. yes Nando is The man! c u both tomorrow!