Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow At Last

Winter .. now?! Sure thing

The temptation to cycle to the lido din't (even) enter my mind this morning.
no, walking across the common seemed like a far better idea!

I didn't have to go far to spot the first snow man

We had to wait quite some time before the Lido
was at last "blessed" with a bit of snow and the FUN that goes with it!

reminiscent of last year

Ice, snow and leaves

and lovely patterns

helen getting in

Shirley came along .. purely for the fun of taking some pic of me!
I made sure to keep my bum "dry" as long as I could!

No chance of swimming lengths today - two thirds of the pool were iced over
... so two widths it was

Not sure of this lady's name ... I was still swimming while Shirley took the photo.
I love the ripples the water makes

I'm back and about to get out
thankfully my shoes waited for me - I had to resort to taking them tothe water's edge as (in the euphoria of making it to the Lido asap) I had forgotten my flip flops ...

once out of the water, there was only one direction to head to ... the sauna -
the lifeguards had worked hard to clear a path - thanx guys!

the inevitable snow man

Batch surrounded by snow balls
(thrown at him while he was swimming)

Batch giving back as good as he got!

indispensable (cold water swimming) allies

Ian making a habit of swimming without his wetsuit

end of the race

monster foot steps on the ice

another lovely pattern

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