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Monday, 20 February 2012

It's Back

"It's back and I can't bare it anymore", were Stephanie's words this morning ... mind you, she did have a big smile on her face too ...!
In many ways, I do share Steph's sentiment ... ice, snow, winter .. yes, of course, it's part of the excitement at the Lido ... and, let's face it, we did have to wait rather long for the pleasures and the buzz that accompanies the drop in temperature ... but, come on, back me up on that one, we are past mid February, the days are getting longer and by now our sights should be fully focused towards spring and the pleasures seeing colours emerge again will bring!

surprisingly last night was cold enough to produce
a thin layer of ice in the shallow end of the pool

the ice was "thick enough" though
to bear the weight of my flip flops

lovely flower like pattern

Alex also tried to capture the unique pattern -
check out his blog entry of today to see what he got!

Sun catching the lens

David laughing at what I was about to photograph ...

Sue B. trying to record the "singing of the ice"!
The sound happens when water gets underneath the thing layer of ice and pushes it up which produces ice waves and a beautiful high pitched sound .. or "melody"!

sample of the very thin layer of ice which covered one third of the pool this morning ...
I reckon by 11am the sun will have all but swallowed it and lunch time swimmers will be able to swim lengths (again)
in fact David measured the water below the thin layer of ice to be 2C ... how is that possible?! It just IS!


  1. We swam later today and were still not able to do lengths, however by 1pm it was clear(ish) No frost forecast for tonight, so it should be clear for our earlier swim tomorrow!