Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cold, Colder, Sheer Ice

A simply magical morning at the Lido!

Coming through the top entrance, I was greeted by an expanse of ice

the only ice free area was a narrow strip in the deep end -
railway side of the pool - which is where I stood to take this photo

Veronique making her way up to the area we could swim in

gently down the steps ... checking for possible floating ice -
the sun just made it over the tree line throwing a beautiful beam of light onto Veronique

all clear ...

... and safe to swim

Irene (in her coat) and Sue making their way up to the ice free zone

while Veronique kept going and going!

the entire shallow end was one huge sheet of ice

hardly anybody used the sunny side cubicles -
the walk to the ice free zone was a long walk from here!

glistening reflection

ice level view

solid ice on the shallow end steps

"snowman's" frozen woolly hat waiting for the next snow (show)

After their swim and sauna, Irene and Sue walked past
as I was taking this shot and asked:
"are you going to get in or are you only here to take still life shots? :)"

Oh I'm going in alright! 3 times actually! it was amazing!

I dived in every time -
the last time I took my camera with me and took this picture from underneath the ice -
the clarity of the water was magical

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