Thursday, 9 February 2012

Coffee Treat

The good news is that Mick (see yesterday's video clip!) kept his "temporarily found home" a secret .... or maybe he was just a loner ..?! We put 2 more of these highly sophisticated and animal friendly traps up last night .... empty - both of them ... fortunately Mick had no cousins, brothers, sisters, no wife ... no friends .... a typical lonesome cowboy!

Which also meant that I was at the pool at my usual time! Even had a double swim! I was tempted to swim one length ... well, I thought I'd try to swim 3 widths today so that I knew I was fine doing a full lengths ... tomorrow :) yes, why not delay gratification?!

However, when I came to the end of my second width, the sight of my flip flop simply pulled me out of the pool before i could physically turn round and push off again ... swimming three widths, what was I thinking?! getting out the other end without having the comfort of my flip flops awaiting me ...? noooo - and the thought of swimming 4 widths ( to be reunited with the FF) wasn't appealing either ...
Sauna it was ... however, I did go for a double swim (which Alex documented!) : after 15 min in the sauna I went back in for another 2 widths - easy! what's all the fusssss about?! Back to the sauna : warmed up in no time at all ... dived back in (with no cap .. now, that was not such a grand idea!) showered and off for a well deserved - home made - cup of coffee!

espresso anyone?!

or ... a flat white - perhaps?!
as I don't drink milk - I prepared this coffee with rice milk & a touch of soya milk

Simon re-surfacing after his post sauna dip

or "Ice coffee" anybody!?!

Antony ... !

Alex was back for more heroics ..

2 lengths ... again

still fully dressed I wanted to get an under water shot of Alex .. put my hand and camera in the bitter cold water ...
Where was Alex?!
Ohhhh there, just swimming into frame!

I had better luck with Vince - got a "fuller"photo first time round -
just as well because my hands were freezing!
I had to go to the sauna - fully dressed - to get my hands warmed up before stripping off and getting in myself :)

but .... not before taking another shot of Vince ...
the water was crystal clear and so inviting!

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