Monday, 27 February 2012

Effortless Power

Jonathan was swimming lengths ... that meant for sure) that the water temperature had risen!
In fact David measured it at over 6C (nearer to 6.5C than anything else!)
Alex was powering up and down and managed a total of 12 lengths.
Already exercised and fully dressed, I wanted to get some shots of Hilary who was seemingly enjoying her morning outing.

The water temperature must be warmer: Jonathan is swimming lengths -
taking his time!

... before turning onto his front again and finishing his second length
in his usual very relaxed front crawl style.

Hilary setting off ...

Mark was already swimming

I tried to get Hilary in full frame under water - to show off her effortless yet powerful stroke -
but always cut off 1 (vital) part of her!

however this shot shows (at least) her lovely rotation ...

pushing off the deep end ...

... and finally: Hilary in full frame .. albeit a bit far way ..
gliding back towards the shallow end

Hilary has this long, effortless reach
which propels her forward at a considerable pace


  1. Lovely pics Elizabeth - and thanks also for the nice comments! I could see you taking pictures and was feeling the pressure to swim well!!

  2. Glad to hear the water temperature is still heading up. I got stuck in terrible traffic this morning so gave up and turned back :( I'll be early tomorrow with home made biscuits! Lovely pics as always. Hilary's swimming style is much admired by all.

  3. Hilary it's about time you join and become a member - i.e give up your anonymity! :)
    by the way, the pressure was (all) on me, as in "getting a good shot" of you and do your stroke justice ! :) you were almost too far away, swimming in the middle of the pool ... anyway I'll get better ones .. next time! and as you said, the sun was missing ...

    Sorry to hear about your traffic frustrations Kate ... nothing worse than being stuck in traffic when all one is longing for is to swim at the Lido! C u bright and early tomorrow!

  4. Mmmmmmm! Hilary is fit! Lovely bum!