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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Barmy February Temperatures

Coming to the Lido after 10am would have been just perfect ... sadly I had already arrived at 9am and towards the end of my swim, the sun was trying to push through a thin layer of clouds

By 10am the sun was out in her full glory accompanied by a beautiful blue sky .... say no more!
well other than filling you in about the water temperature! If you went by David's reading it was just 6C and if you'd rather have a more optimistic reading, then Stephanie's 6.8C would surely draw you down to the pool instantly, doing lengths, after lengths after lengths ...

I managed 4 lengths which was plenty, specially as I haven't been feeling all that well these past few days, including today ... a painful stomach has been keeping me from fully enjoying my swims lately.
And if the truth be known I only swam 4 lengths thanx to Kate who was already on her seventh when I got in ... she swam 8 lengths and was in the water for 20minutes. She is aiming to do 10 tomorrow.

Stephanie starting off on her stint ...
after having taken the water temperature ....

... she was aiming for 10 lengths ... at least!

Stephanie spear heading towards the deep end ...
shame about the leaf covering her cap

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