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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photos Gallore

Kate, Alex and I were all snapping away this morning!
Check out their blogs too for an array of photos!
You'll find their respective links on the left hand side or further below

This morning we all lined up to take a shot of Steph diving in after her stint in the sauna ...
only this time, after making sure that both Kate and Alex were ready,
I missed Steph's 1st dive ....
but got this one of Steph resurfacing ...

Steph took pity on me ... and dived in again ...
Alex is in the background getting his second dive shot and many more photos which you can check out on his blog entry of today.

Time for Alex to get in and swim his 12 lengths ...

after my 4 lengths I stayed in the water to get some close up shots:
Vince swam 6 lengths

and a couple of widths ... and ...

.. not quite sure what Vince is doing here ....
I can, however, assure you that he is OK!

Kate was still fully dressed snapping away ..
showing me a photo she took of me ...
I couldn't really see it as I still had my goggles on ...
I'm curious to see all the shots she took which you can see on her blog of today.
you may have to wait a while until Kate has uploaded her entry -
she was still swimming when I left!

Alex was still powering along ...

.... getting to the end of his 12th length

watched by Jonathan ...

... who was urging me to take a photo of Alex still in the water
and him in the background clutching his hot drink ...
by now I was cold ... and off to the sauna

When I came out of the sauna,
Kate had still not been in the pool ... ;)
We are bound to have a feast of photos on her blog!
Ian is showing Kate his (intriguing) new toy !!

It's supposed to help the swimmer keep
his/her hands pulling back straight

looks more like Ian is clutching a mini surfboard

Ok then Ian ... they look more like ears

Kate is (finally!) ready for her swim

Full steam ahead

and a beautiful glide

and ... just about to take a breath

Pip arrived a touch later,
trying to make up ground and catch up on Ian

While Kate was still gggggliding - fully stretched out

... and on the way out I just had to stop and take a shot
of the first open Daffodil -

others will follow soon -
as there will be a bunch of them around the big tree to the left of the entrance


  1. Lovely pictures Elizabeth, I didn't leave the pool until 11:30 (having arrived at 7:30!) Unfortunately some of my pictures don't seem to be in focus today and my camera steamed up a bit - so I've picked the best out!

  2. Nice pictures! My arms are all over the place, particularly that naughty left arm going across the body. Must do better!