Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Official Photo Call

I didn't get to the pool yesterday as I wasn't feeling too good .... a bit of a cold which had settled on my chest - fortunately for one day only!
I don't think I missed out too much yesterday .. as it was all happening at the Lido this morning Lots of action to capture- it felt like an official photo call with fellow bloggers Kate and Alex also "at work".
Kate set her camera to high speed burst mode and caught some lovely shots - when she got in I grabbed her camera used that setting to get her starting off on her 2 lengths.
Alex too got a flying shot of me diving in and many more shots .... check out his quick dip blog

remains of (the first) Lido snowman of the season!

Alex getting in for

a couple of lengths as fast as he could

and back in no time at all!

almost "home" while Vince is setting off on his two lengths
(and a width which he was most proud of!)

Pip inviting us to a photo call!

I'm glad Pip is sitting on this snow mount and not me ...!

fellow blogger - check out Kate's report of today

Pip is off on his lengths

One for the cameras from Tricky!
just throwing his towel (which I didn't get in frame...)
onto dry land before his (wet)landing

Kate taking photos of Alex and me ... now you see her ...

and now you don't!

Alex and I waited for David to tell us
what the water temperature was this morning.
it certainly hovered around the 0C mark .. maybe slightly below it as the frozen water surface had melted and made the water very cold indeed!
Like putting an ice cube into a drink!

Time for Kate to get in - she too started off by swimming 2 lengths...

followed by 4 widths ... and still she had time to wave :)

a rare sight: a parakeet perched on one of the trees just outside the fence ...
he took off ...

only to land on another tree
the get a better view of the Lido winter action

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  1. The scene that celebrates itself! The pic of me swimming back really shows how thick the water felt.