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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Don Giovanni

I was 20 minutes late coming to the pool this morning as I had to free a prisoner I had captured ( in my kitchen) over night! Mick ... yes you guessed it "the mouse"! I got this funny looking small contraption in the DIY shop yesterday and put it to the test over night : it worked! - we caught Mick alive and released him on the common this morning! This is the first mouse in my house .. and pray, the last one! hands up who hasn't had a mouse in their house, flat or room!?!
Sauna talk proved that everybody present (when I shared my little adventure) had a mouse story to tell! Happy hunting ... I mean happy swimming!

I swam 2 widths .. only! followed by a leap back into the water after the sauna ... which you can see on Alex' blog

Alex reaching the of the pool after his 2nd length ...
2 more, I asked :)?

no way, Alex was out as fast as he could ...
you can see how cold his hands are - he can barely touch the railings ...
mind you, they were pretty cold too!

shortly followed by Vince ...
see how thick the water around his body is

He too swam 2 lengths .... without goggles ..
which is why Vince bumped his head on a bit of floating ice in the deep end!

Mark stuck to widths ... knowing him, he swam quite a few ...

and feeling none the worse for it!

Catherine had enough after 2 widths -
the water drops coming off her elbow look as if they are about to form an icicle ;)

Antony had to brake a layer of thin ice in the morning
which he then fished out with the net to make the shallow end safe for us.
Thanx Antony!

Lovely ring of ice on the railing of the steps in the shallow end

Kevin setting off on 2 lengths in his wetsuit ...
not sure why he is still wearing it ..
it's got huge holes :) and doesn't keep him from getting cold hands! (and feet)

After having listened to Don Giovanni on his i-pod (still fully dressed!),
Angus was (finally) ready to brave the elements ...

He sat in the edge of the pool - I didn't know what he was about to do next?
I kept the camera on him, ready for his next move!
from a sitting position he launched into an impressive dive!

followed by 2 widths!
Listening to Mozart must have had a pretty wild .. or warming effect on Angus!

Nick went for a quick bath (too cool off after the sauna)!

Pre Lido activity: releasing Mick! enjoy the movie!


  1. I'm not surprised the mouse didn't want to leave the trap, it was freezing this morning. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. I don't want to depress you but mice tend not to be bachelors...