Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Leap Of The Day

Egg announce he was ready for a leap ! Immediately not one camera but 4 pointed in his direction! Carl (alias Mr.Ape), Alex (alias Mr. Bubbles), Jonathan (alias just Jono!) and I all got ready to capture Egg in mid air -
Leaping was the theme of the day ... Alex asked me to leap in after the sauna and Carl wanted me to take a shot of him leaping in (after the sauna)

Egg on the phone : early morning deals going down, down down ....

.... good news always leads to EUPHORIA!
check out Alex's take and Carl's take of Egg
on their blogs - not sure when their posts will be up ... just go by the date 22/2/12

the other side of Egg ...

Carl's post sauna excitement ... he also swam 12 lengths! (prior to the sauna)

Nando pushing off ...

and away he goes

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  1. good to have the quartet of bloggers down today! thanks for your continuing enthusiasm - it's infectious