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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wouldn't it be nice

Back to winter? surely not! Well, the more positive swimmers amongst us think that it's only a little blip! One thing is for sure, the water felt really chilly again ...
No idea what the temperature is ... David is still away and the lifeguard's thermometer broke a while ago .... maybe not knowing is a good thing?! It's May after all and the aim is to get fitter, trimmer and tanned! And clocking up a few lengths will get you there! Eight was enough for me - However, I can also safely say, judging by the moans and groans coming out of various cubicles, including mine, was: "wouldn't be nice to still have the sauna on!!"
Having a hot shower just doesn't cut it as it doesn't really get to the core ... now a hot tub, on the other hand would be something else...! dream on ...! the sauna is off, the water is cold (but will get warmer!) and all is well at the Lido :)

In Sue's absence Chris tried his best to persuade Nick to swim with him ...

...and succeeded - they're off

Fazlar warming up before his swim

Margaret Howard's Jack Russell Evie (not sure about the correct spelling) tied to the post and waiting patiently for her Master's return

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