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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Team Forex

The Lido looked great again .. only a few small marks of paint left, reminding us of yesterday's assault on the pool ... The guys worked so hard all day yesterday and managed to make it safe for us to swim! Thanks again - great stuff! Even the water felt warmer! While swimming I fished a few tiles out from the bottom of the pool - they too were thrown in yesterday...

After a long shower it was time to fuel up on cakes! All in aid of raising money for Belinda and Chantal's team (team Forex) who are swimming the channel in July. The cakes were delicious! let me know if you had some and which one you liked best!?! The Lemon Drizzle was a hit that's for sure!

The Lido restored to its full glory

The finishing touches to the cleaning operation were still taking place but swimming was back in full swing

Not quite sure what this gadget is doing ... but most of the paint has gone :)

Just some left on the steps

Ivan doing 30 ... yes 30! push ups before his swim

Ivan still managed a smile on no. 30 :) he is probably not only looking forward to his swim but...

... also to the wonderful selection of cakes that have been baked to raise money for ...

... Belinda and Chantal who are part of a relay team of friends (team FOREX) planning to swim the channel this July - Good Luck!

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