Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mr. Bubbles turns orange again

The future is bright ... the future is orange ... according to Mr. Bubbles !


... steady ...


Alex very happy to be back to his familiar orange cap with the addition of orange goggles!

reach with a wave!

Pip in a pretty murky looking water


  1. The orange tinted goggles really helped me deal with the glare of the sun even if they do look a little strange. Good timing on the diving in picture!

  2. What's with the colour co-ordination - to go with the freckles? Or are you a secret Dutchman?

  3. Orange suits you Alex!! and the goggles are great too!I noticed the sun blinding me too I'd love to get those goggles too! Where have you been Carl?!

  4. A mixture of both - I have freckles and Dutch ancestors! I just like the colour contrast as most pools are blue and it has the benefit of being hi-visability - perhaps I got a bit carried away with the googles but they do reduce glare. Somewhere I have some orange trunks ;-)
    So Carl are you going to do two miles before the end of the month?

  5. To answer two questions - I put my back out getting off my motorbike just after I saw you last Thursday; so have not been swimming at all. And I think I may have to go for a two mile swim - to prove it can be done without a sauna!

  6. Hope your back is better carl! 2 miles at 11 celsius .. good luck .. well the sun is out and the air temperature has improved too .. so who knows ..? as for today, sadly no swimming for anybody ...