Sunday, 2 May 2010

Unexpected surprise

Today, the water was amazing - I can't remember a day when it felt as velvety and refreshing at the same time- simply magical! It truly was and unexpected and very welcomed surprise! When cycling up to the pool in the pouring rain I was not expecting to have such a lovely swim at all ... I wandered how many lengths I'd be able to swim ( specially as we no longer have the (luxurious) reward of the sauna ... :) Getting undressed, peeping out of the cubicles wasn't very inviting .. but as soon as I jumped in I felt immediately at home! This wonderful envelope of soft water was simply delicious! I truly hope that many of you made it to the Lido despite the rain and experienced this unique sensation!

Rixa getting in (slightly hesitantly) but as soon as she was fully immersed ...

She told me how wonderful it felt - she stayed in for 12 lengths

Fiona enjoyed it just as much!

Pouring rain on the water surface - it reminds me of a picture I took in the winter when the water surface was frozen ...

Rixa wanted to have a go at taking an underwater shot with my camera .. it was tricky as she didn't have any goggles and couldn't really see what she was taking ... I tried to place myself in
front of the lens!

Alison feeling the delight of the water - she told me that when she got in she was the only person in the pool for the first two lengths she swam ... "it was just magical."

Coming to have a hot shower after my swim- Alison was getting ready to dry her hair

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