Monday, 24 May 2010

Positively boiling

The hottest day of the year was only just hotting up this morning! The water felt amazing .. almost too hot!:) Don't know about you ... but, I was exhausted after just one length! Well, I think it wasn't down to the water at all but rather to the lingering ear troubles ... My left ear has been troubling me for the past few days now ... very uncomfortable when swimming ... a shame that because after I had asked Margy to look at my stroke the other day I also I wanted to see for myself what my stroke looks like ... Shirley came and filmed .... Now, I definitely have something to work on over the summer :) But first I have to get the ear sorted! During the summer when swimming as a kid I used to get an ear infection at least once a year, every year ... Hence wearing ear plugs but for some reason I still got water coming in and messing with my poor ears ... anyway, I booked an appointment to see my GP tomorrow ... Hence I didn't swim too much but rather hung out chatting first to Fernando and then to Alex who had just swum 2 miles!

Refreshed from a week's holiday in Ireland .. Mr (Alex) Bubbles is back...

... tumble turn ...

and off on his merry 2 mile swim ;)

Shirley came along to film me ...

... when all I did was taking a shot of her taking ...

taking a shot of me :)

Brazilian master chef and web designer Fernando "playing to the camera"


  1. Congratulations Alex. You beat me to it this month!

  2. Hey!! I'm famous! Thanks for the pic Elizabeth. If you're looking to improve your stroke I would recommend you watch the videos by coach Terry Laughlin. I keep one his complete coaching videos online for friends and swimming colleagues at And also check out my videos at
    And if you use twitter please ask your friends to post the Lidos's temperature and any updates using the #lidotemp tag.

    xx Nando

  3. The water is so warm at the moment it's just the time that limits me, if the temperature keeps up I'll go for three miles on the bank holiday.
    I find it really difficult to tumble turn in the Lido, I managed to kick the hand rail a couple of times! I'm not very elegant but I do like the picture.