Tuesday, 25 May 2010

This is a first

I must quickly tell you about Brian Eady - Brian used to swim at the Lido for years until his mother died and he moved to Somerset. He loves the Lido and still gets the newsletter which is how he discovered my Lido blog. Brian reads it every day and gets the feeling of still being in touch with what's happening at the pool! Anyway, the reason why I am able to tell you all this is because, just imagine, after finding out through the blog that I am having trouble with my ears, Brian, found my phone number and gave me a call to tell me how he overcame his ear problems - "go to the audiology department, have your ears seen to and then ask for a set of specially made silicon ear plugs that get moulded to your ears. Once you have a set of these you'll be fine - no water will ever get into your ears again." Thank you for this great advise Brian! Your kindness touched me! I'm off to see my GP later this afternoon and hopefully I will get a referral to the audiology department very soon too!

This silly and painful condition of my ear meant that this morning was a morning like no other. I cycled up to the Lido, I even had my cosy on (under my clothes !) - nothing new about that :) - but once there, I didn't go for a splish ... I'm sorry to report that I wasn't even as much as tempted to getting in and swimming head up breaststroke just doesn't do it for me (unless it's one quick width at the cold water champs while wearing a fancy hat!)

Still, it's hard to keep away from the Lido ... besides, only three more days of being allowed to take shots ... so I made the most of it and also took a few little video clips ...!

Karen has been swimming at the Lido for years ...

and enjoying every minute of it! "I'll really miss not being able to swim this summer because I'm about to have an operation which will mean that I won't be able to swim for some time ..." Let's hope you have a speedy recovery Karen! I'm sure you are making the most of it now:)

elongated Tim :)

Ann arriving for her swim

Tim, Sue, Nick and Chris

Yes Nick it's all about the reach :)

David swimming lengths .. even before..

... checking out the temperature ... highest of this year's season so far

Ruby, eyes closed meditating while swimming

Kit swimming up and on her front ...

and husband Bob (Morris) is swimming down ...

.. and on his back :) "I only come to have a wash :)"

Jenny talking shop and interested in what Margy said about my stroke ... " to slow down my stroke rate was the most important advice" .. "Oh I'll try that too then!"

perfect! Jenny has a lovely stroke!

Here a few video clips!

Watch out for Jonathan's clip-he made a point of wanting to get featured!


  1. Great pictures and video.
    Jonathan wins the prize!
    The second video of me should have a warning on it!
    Hope the ear gets better soon.

  2. Hey, your tumble turns are pretty good too Mr. Bubbles!