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Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday

Another Bank Holiday, another race! I got my swim in just before the big race ... The water was much colder than yesterday .. and the silky smooth sensation was gone too ... never mind - it will surely return .. watch out for torrential rain .. that's the sign!
The race proved to be exciting and a close call .... a swimmer with an almighty famous pedigree came up trumps! scroll down to find out who the winner was.

Yvonne swimming for pleasure .. She didn't take part in today's race .. leaving the door wide open for others to step up to the mark and claim first prize.

Yvonne decided to swim leisurely a couple of widths

Mark and Lucy (Petrie) getting (quite) a few laps in before the race!

Lucy performing a beautiful tumble turn while Mark sticks to a more "conventional" turn :)

Pip on her swim - eight lengths were enough (without the sauna for after care)

Another three swimmers powering along before having to clear the pool for the race

Competitors getting ready .. this lovely lady's name escapes me right now ... please let me know if you know! One can always count on Margy : it is (of course!) Kit Morris :)

Cyril is always a hot contender!

The winner on her last stroke before coming home first .. but who is it?!

No, it's not Cyril ... close .. but not quite ... he did nevertheless give an impressive performance

Lou(ise), the happy winner!

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