Thursday, 20 May 2010

Season's best

What happened to the sun? This morning I arrived early, around 7.30am and the sun was out in its full glory... by 8.00 clouds were forming, engulfing the sun bit by bit and by 8.15 there was simply no sign of it anymore! However, when I got in the water still felt delicious - mainly because it's up by 1 degree - Take note: it has reached 14 Celsius - a season's best! The weather forecast is looking good - we are promised air temperatures into the twenties for the weekend ... surely that will have a knock on effect on the water temperature too!

"Early Bird" swimmer Gisela enjoying her swim

Batch taking it easy at the Lido before a busy day at college

A totally rejuvenated Billy having just as much fun! What a difference a second tatoo can make, hey Billy! :)

Albert all smiles and feeling great after his swim

Chantal, member of channel swimming line up "Team Forex" after her morning training session- remember the lovely cakes that were on sale at the Lido last saturday? well, all those who bought a lovely slice (or more!) helped raise £ 250 for Team Forex

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