Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer is here...

... At last! real strong sun rays that warm the air, our bodies and the water! Up another notch to 15 Celsius!and what a difference that newly awarded season's high water temperature made to us all!

The glorious Lido on a glorious day

Michael "stepping in"

summer time

Hilary skimming over the surface of the pool

Still Hilary: different perspective ;)

Peter enjoying the first "real summer rays" ...

... those same sun rays made Doreen dig out her summer frock for the first time :)


  1. Egg did first length and handstand of the season, a pleasure to witness and the Lido's summer swallow.

  2. I'm new at the SLSC (and new to your blog), but thanks for posting all these photos. Do you know what the filming was all about yesterday morning?