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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Friendly face

It's been all go for me and I have been rushing in and out of the Lido like nobody's business ... Hardly the time to take any snaps ... so apologies for not posting anything on yesterday's blog ... I did get my swim in though - a cold one as you all know - for some reason it feels really cold again (or should I say "still") maybe it feels so cold because (let's face it) most of us are fed up with the cold water - it's been fun while it was supposed to last (the winter months that is!) but come on - enough is enough .. please! I did swim 8 lengths yesterday and today ... today however I didn't have time for a shower.. bad move let me tell you - I felt cold most of the morning ... but hey the swim was nice ... but for my constitution 8 lengths are probably a bit too much ... specially because of the horrid cold wind's funny because one only finds out after the swim whether one has been in too long or not ... all down trial and error!

Anyway, when arriving I bumped into a friendly (sunny) face : Gregory came for a quick visit and a swim on his way to a check up appointment at Guy's hospital - he looked good and was as tanned as ever - an extended Spain holiday (courtesy of "Cloud Ash") made sure of that! Also, he was already used to water temperatures as high as 16 Celsius ... a bit of a shock to the system then, Gregory?! You bet! But what Gregory was missing most was to see faces he knew from "before" he was especially asking about "my friend Nikolaus!" That's "Nick the greek" in case you wondered :)

Gregory on a quick Lido visit

Tanned and fit!

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