Thursday, 27 May 2010

Not again ...

This morning I was aiming to be part of the early bird brigade. Not necessarily to swim (ears still not great...) but I had to take my car for its service at Clapham for 8am ... With this in mind I set off around 7am. As I was driving up Tooting Bec Road I saw Veronique cycling on the dirt path alongside the common ... but in the opposite direction ... I found that somewhat strange as she is one if the regular early bird swimmers .. then again I wondered whether she had become an even earlier bird and had already swum at 6am?!
Once I had pulled into the Lido car park I saw Brian and Terry standing behind the locked gates speaking to some one .... Oh no, I thought, here we go again ... the Lido is closed and has been vandalised yet again ... ?!Sadly, my premonition wasn't far off!

Only this time it seems that the trouble makers overstepped the line even further ... Lido manager Brian wouldn't say what had happened, the only thing he did comment on was that the police had to be called out and that the Lido was declared a crime scene! Wow, that sounded a bit serious. No one was allowed in because the police had to first take finger prints.
Disappointed, as I'm sure many were too, I turned around hoping that I could come back and swim over lunch by which time the police would have hopefully been and taken all the evidence they need to find the hooligans.

Hopeful, I made my way up to the Lido around 11.45 ... sadly the gates were still locked and Terry informed me and Andrew (who I hadn't met before) that the police had only just come to investigate the matter and that no one was allowed in.

Well, let's hope that when we come back tomorrow morning we will be greeted by open gates and a healthy looking Lido!

And just before I go, I want to extend another big thank you to my newly found "blog fan" Brian Eady! Thanx for your lovely and encouraging e-mail Brian. Reading your e-mail address I noticed that I had misunderstood your surname when we spoke the other day ... I thought it was Evy when in fact it is Eady :) I'll simply blame it on my ears! I immediately went back to that blog entry and changed your name to the correct spelling! What a gentleman you are for not even mentioning it to me!

Lido gates firmly locked and closed to everybody due to another break-in incident

Andrew all ready to go ... but where to go ...

... despair set in once Andrew realised that the Lido was closed! "What am I going to do?!? I'll need to find another form of exercise for the day!"

Police investigation was underway


  1. I think what happened was that someone stole all the metal railing inside the pool. That's the latest I've heard. :(

  2. Wow that is real theft ... who would do that? that takes quite a bit of planning I would have thought ... - anyway the pool is open tomorrow:)

  3. In Germany that happens quite a lot - people stealing railings, railway tracks, lightning rod, rain pipes and even flower pots to sell them as scrap metal. Fantastic news that the lido is going to be open tomorrow!