Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What a treat

What a busy day ... sill, time for a quick blog and a couple of photos ... also, an update on my ears :) - sure you are curious :) Well: they still hurt! I've been to the GP yesterday - she is going to refer me to the right department at St. Georges ... not sure how long it will be before I "hear" :) from them?! no, my hearing is actually fine (thank God!) and I will be on the GPs case if she doesn't get back to me by end of the week (which is what she promised). Anyway, for now she gave me drops (to calm the inflammation) - Can't say that I notice an improvement... but I guess it's early days. Then again I'm not a fan of treating symptoms .. I prefer to have the cause treated immediately which would also be to get these silicon ear plugs moulded asap!
Using my usual ear plugs and the use of additional Vaseline plus 2 swimming caps, well pulled over my ears, I simply had to go for a dip!

This morning the water felt magical and warmer than the outside temperature - it was rather windy and one could have been forgiven for questioning whether the weather Gods had pulled the plug on us :)

On top of this, the ladies showers were without hot water (again) which meant that we were allowed to take a shower in the mens changing rooms! What a treat!

Could only get a rear view of Chris and Sue :)

But a good shot of Stuart (the piano tuner!) who came for a quick swim before heading off .. no not to tune pianos (for once) but off on a 2 weeks holiday to Cornwall! I Hope you have a great time and fab weather there!

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