Thursday, 13 May 2010

Getting the hint

The Lido is being smartened up and looking better and more vibrant each day ... almost ready for the summer season ... maybe the air and water temperatures will finally get the hint and increase accordingly! let's see cause the weather men have promised a warmer weekend ... fingers crossed then!

The Lido is in for a lick of paint while others have been left ...

... "hung out to dry"

Philippa stayed in for ages ... "I got carried away practicing ...."

Here she is perfecting her glide .... between strokes - looking great but, hang on a minute, isn't Vince supposed to be "Mr Perfect Glide" ?!

well, take your pick! Here they are both fully extended, gliding away in opposite directions!

I didn't quite get your splash Alex.... there is always tomorrow :)

Sue, Chris and Nick getting ready to push off while Margy is still deciding whether to join them:)

Fazlar getting out after having done his bit

Kevin concentrating on the finishing touches

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