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Friday, 14 May 2010


This morning I received a text from Sue Rentoul with the following message : "paint in pool-lido closed" My heart sank! How could that be, face lift one day, vandalism the next ?! Sadly the lido and its members have seen it all before...! Disruptions linked to vandalism have happened a few times before over the years ... i.e tables, benches and sand bags thrown into the pool as well as a smashed sauna window ... all mindless acts of vandalism ... Today the scale of deliberate destruction and its consequent disruption had sadly reached another proportion ... The cupboard which contained the paint was broken into and most of the content of the paint including the tins were thrown into the pool ... the scale of trouble, pain, hassle and shear work load to put things right is substantial ... As always the lifeguards were fantastic and reacted quick ... the cleanup operation started immediately .. not sure how long it will take them to put it all right or indeed how they will manage ... but one thing is sure, they are doing their level best to fix the damage ... A big thank you in advance and let's hope that it's back to "business as usual" tomorrow ...

Oh and another thing is clear : Who ever the delinquents, they are a sad bunch of people who actually need a clip around the ears ... I mean they need help ... :)

Face lift one day, vandalism the next

Like so many members, Alex was stopped in his tracks and his daily morning routine disrupted

Carol showing her disappointment :)

Most of the paint tubs were thrown in half way down the side of the pool - where the offenders had broken into a locked cupboard.

most of the paint was water based - maybe "easier" to wash off from the concrete but massive struggle to remove from the bottom of the pool - specially because of the amount that is down at the bottom of the pool

more paint this time oil based paint at the shallow end of the pool

Cleaning operation begun immediately - Terry and Bob working hard

Thank you guys