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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

As long as it's hot

We are getting there .. the thermometer is creeping up ... ever so slightly .. but up it is ... it's no longer 12.7 Celsius .. it's a whopping 13 Celsius! Gorgeous!

The caf may very well be closed for renovation before the opening of the "summer season" .. but SLSC members always know how to provide a cup of hot ...something .. anything really ... as long as it's hot!

check out the power supply - magic

... as for keeping the milk fresh - simple : the best fridge yet!

Michael pushing off the shallow end

and all engines go

a smile, shoes off and in ...

Alison shows no hesitation what so ever!

David testing the water before taking the temperature - hurrah, it's up! 13 Celsius!

Still a bit of a shock to the system for Stuart :)

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