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Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Today's swimming can be described as glorious ... don't get me wrong the water is still very fresh -by the way that means cold :) but at 12.7 Celsius it is definitely a touch warmer and on the way up (one hopes). However, seeing and feeling the rays of the only too elusive sun makes all the difference! Ten lengths did it for me - hoping for more soon :)

"TallChris" with his new cool goggles : "it took me ages to find those!"

Although the weather has greatly improved, the water is still cold - wearing two swimming caps is still a good idea :)

Finally ready but still quite hesitant before ...

...plunging in

Vince fully stretched out

Nick and Margy taking their time to get in ...

... and finally they are off joining Chris and Sue

John taking it all in!


  1. All smiles at 6.45am too. Plus Chantelle and Belinda boosted by cake sale were fresh from their Dover practice for the Channel relay. Catherine completed her Breakthrough Breastcancer marathon moonwalk and back with us for early dips. Inspirational women. Gail x

  2. inspirational women indeed! well done girls! not quite sure what a marathon moon walk is though?! ... sounds difficult :)