Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Just around the corner

Today I had the shortest visits to the Lido in a long time ... firstly I came later because I had things to do, places to go first thing in the morning :) and I was in real a hurry because I had plans to take my Dad (who is here for a short visit) to see his Cousin in Hampshire! Anyway, I did manage a quick four lengths - and quite frankly, that was enough ..! the water temperature has fallen quite sharply! No time for a shower either ... out of the pool, into my clothes, onto my bike, into the car and off to to country! But not before taking at least a couple of Lido shots! Staring with the lovely Blue bells around the tree outside the Lido entrance

The Daffs around the tree outside the Lido entrance have been gone for a while ... now it's time for the Blue bells - Summer must be around the corner ... the question is only around which corner?!

Eamon coming to the end of his swim

Evie was still protecting Margaret's cubicle

A Lovely forest with lots and lots of Blue bells near Medstead (Hants.)

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