Sunday, 16 May 2010

On the other end

Sunday and it's race day again! Today was the last race of the season leading over two widths of the pool - from next week on, competitors will tackle longer distances and go the length of the pool - time to build up on that stamina!
Also at the Lido today, we had the visit of filmmaker Lucy who is working on a project on movement. She filmed the race and interviewed a few members about the sensation they get when swimming .... She then made her own entry into the pool and took some underwater photos of a few of us including me ... it was fun being on the other end of the camera (for once!)... I can't wait to see the footage!

Lou getting ready for the race -wearing ear plugs for the first time, trying to adjust to the new feeling :)

Cyril getting to grips with his earplugs before ...

... diving in on queue of his handycap

other competitors waiting for their turn

and they're off on their two widths

full steam ahead

Mandy gave it her all and was rewarded with 1st prize

Sue and Gus made it too ...

Katherine and her German au-pair Minni also took part

Mandy and Nicky needed more of a workout and swam a few lengths to cool down after the heat of race ...

... While Sue got interviewed by film maker Lucy who is working on a project about how to incorporate different types of movement ( i.e swimming and the sensation it gives) into dance choreography

Prompted by "Gran Margy", Elsie-Pepper was more interested in showing me her shoes :)

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