Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's official

Since Sunday 's blissful swim, the water temperature has fallen gently but surely ... and without David's presence we could only but guess how cold it actually had become ... Today David put us out of our "misery" ... well, he simply confirmed what we had all suspected, it's back to just below 10 Celsius ... and that in May! Please doesn't anybody take "pity"! I felt myself dragging the moment of actually getting in out and out and out ... but I did of course get in - knowing that it was around 10 Celsius I felt more prepared and less disappointed ... once I got in the water felt of course lovely - nothing new then! The feeling of, wouldn't it be nice for the water to be around 14 -15 did still linger but hey ... it will soon creep back up .. one hopes!
Well, what is the temperature David?

Margy and Chris

Chris, Margy, Sue and Chris all felt the cold - but glad to have been in!

Alex, after his swim ... even he has cut back on his lengths ... I think he was on 18 today!

Not sure who these two swimmers are ... let's see if they are blog followers?!

A well deserved hot drink

Carol going on the record telling me that she will vote labour.

here we go : it's official


  1. Think the pink hat might be me - a friend Laura bought me the hat as a birthday pressie last year!

  2. I thought it was cold...brrrr

  3. I've been doing a mile a day (18 lengths) this week, originally I cut back because there was no sauna but now I'm not sure I'd want to go much further even if the sauna was on. I wouldn't mind so much if it were sunny.