Friday, 29 January 2010


Today saw the arrival of a, some what different, SLSC member. It was a little 4 legged very lively creature called Molly :)

Molly parading past the cubicles ...

... Toying with the idea of possibly taking a plunge?

but opting against it!

Well, with the water temperature still only at 2.7 Celsius ... who would hold it against the newcomer :)
But, who knows, with daily training she could eventually get there...

Speaking of which, I'm proud :) to announce that I have managed to swim two lengths today! and you know what, it wasn't as hard as I had imagined ... don't get me wrong, the last third of lap two was getting a touch painful :). What I have proven to myself yet again though, is, that setting oneself challenges is firstly well worth it and secondly how so much depends on ones mental approach to the challenge.

Today, I really came to the pool with my mind set on swimming two lengths. Admittedly, when Vince announced that he was "only" going to swim one length and maybe a width, depending on how he felt, I had a nano second of thinking "well, maybe it's still too cold to do two". Luckily, this thought didn't last long at all. I remembered immediately that I had come with the intention of swimming two lengths and I was going to stick to it!
So yes, I did and - I may have mentioned that earlier ) - I did feel very good about accomplishing my challenge! Winning over what happens "upstairs" (in ones mind) is definitely the best win! I'm aware that this was only a small achievement but, hey , small steps are sure to lead to bigger things!

Of course the likes of Sue and Chris swam not only two lengths but did a whole circuit of the pool (2 widths and 2 lengths)!

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