Monday, 25 January 2010

Up to three

Another day to say hello to familiar faces - Betty and Bruno arriving this morning ...

The water temperature is up again .. it read a whole 3 celsius! Chris and Sue are up a length too and swam three - I was happy to be back at swimming one - I might have been able to feel comfortable enough to do two ... however I started up the deep end and was quite happy to be getting out and straight into the sauna! It's so funny how the brain works though .. because I'm sure had I started from the shallow end up to the deep end, I would have had the courage stamina, energy and "grit" to swim back and would have clocked up two lengths ... well, tomorrow is another day .. so let's see ...!

Margy was back from Bled and reported on the great success SLSC members had had in Slovenia. I'm waiting to see the medals being paraded!

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