Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More fun

The fun SLSC members are having at the Lido this year is getting better and better by the day!

I don't know about you, but over the past few days, waking up has become really exciting for me, wondering what to expect when taking a first peak out the window ... and then once I have assessed the situation, the anticipation and further excitement of what to expect at the Lido sets in!

Today, I left my house shortly after 7am (as, on a wednesday I first chant with a friend before my splish). Cycling was quite a struggle as not many cars had been on the route I was to take and the fine snow was falling quite heavily and getting into my eyes.

Leaving my friend's house I cycled on the stretch of road that runs between the common and leads into Tooting Bec Road. The view over the snow covered common was tremendous! It wasn't far now to the turn off for the Lido. And there it was, the gate was open and all was well: the Pool open for .... wait for it: a good old fashioned snow ball fight!

Batch and Sue in action

Sue aiming for Aaron

Vince on his way to take his towel and shirt to the sauna before his swim

I had an idea for a cool shot and asked Sue if she would be game to jump in to catch a snow ball?

She was up for it but didn't quite manage to get the snow ball :)

Tom, on the other hand did manage! What an amazing catch!

Time to cool down after the snowball fight!

Sue and Chris couldn't get enough ...

... while batch decides to roll in the snow after his time in the sauna

Time for me to get in - Alison had a go at catching me in mid air jumping in while Jonathan got the before and after!

Giving Alison final instructions on how my camera works

Alison missed but I'm in! - coming up for air!

... and out, heading for the sauna and then to swim another width.

Jonathan's choice of using his flash added a lovely touch as it froze the snow flakes

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