Saturday, 30 January 2010

A sprinkle of snow

What a glorious day! Not quite sure how many days we haven't been blessed with the sun... but one thing is for sure : it's was far too long! Also I'm sure if it hadn't been for the sun I would not have attempted to swim one length in 1.6 Celsius :) It was amazing and plenty!

The early hours of this morning brought us a sprinkle of snow and with the sun being out, sitting around the pool one could even bask in the sun, clutching a hot drink, mind you, as the air temperature was still rather chilly!

Richard dunking a biscuit before his dunk ... I mean dip :)

"Unleashed": Egg, Lucy, Margy, Olivia, Stuart, Richard and Sophie

Lucy doing more than just a dip

Sarah contemplating her next move (which was getting in the pool!)

Peter had a go too ... not for long though :)

Pip swam a length with a little help (of gloves)

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