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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Catch up

This morning, I cycled to the Lido as fast as my little legs could get me there ... I wanted to be there around 7.50am to catch Gail and Wendy before they left the Lido to go to work ... well, you see, I have been carrying "Wild Swimming" around in my rucksack since saturday (the first day I was hoping to catch them but missed them by a fraction). Gail kindly lent me the book. I took one look at it and was on to Amazon in flash to order my own copy:) - It is a lovely book and well worth owning, specially if one intends to explore rivers, lakes and waterfalls in Britain! I certainly do and really look forward to working my way through the book's enchanting locations! The author Daniel Start has also written a book on Costal swims (Wild Swimming - Coasts) which I have now lent Gail and Wendy -my guess is that between us we'll have all the waterholes of Britain covered!
In the meantime, the focus is on our very own Lido right here in Tooting and on how many lengths SLSC cold water swimmers can muster! For Vince it's an easy choice, "The water measures two Celsius, I'll swim two lengths!"

well it's not quite the same for me .. I'm afraid ... although I'd like to up my PB again :) it wasn't going to happen today :) I had a hint of a cold creeping up on me yesterday and i was still there this morning so I stuck to one length! Good choice cause as I'm writing this, my nose is no longer swimming but running! Besides the water did feel cold today! But I will up my PB again .. watch that space!

Remember Albert? - he was amazed at anybody swimming a length ... he's definitely on widths!

The other benefit of arriving at the pool before 8am was that I also bumped into early birds Albert and Gisela who have been coming for their daily swim for years and years and years!

I also got to see and chat with Carol who I haven't seen for a while

and Simon was getting in for the second time (after his warm up in the sauna)

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