Friday, 15 January 2010

Cool Dude

As you go through the wiggly bit of tunnel to get to the pool the notice on the black board said : "sorry, all the ice has gone"
ahhhhhh..... yes it is a shame ... but then again, if the weather stays a bit kinder (above zero Celsius!) the water temperature may very well pick up a bit which can only be a welcomed sign!

The snow was lovely, a Lido feature that deserved all the attention and excitement it got! But who knows, we're only mid January. Could this mean that it may not be over... just yet....

In contrast to the a white Lido we got used to, today was rather grey and dull - I still found a small heap of snow and asked Jonathan to sit on the bench behind it ... what a cool dude!

Other than that, there was massive cleaning and clearing up activity happening at the pool!

Time to reflect and acknowledge that it is really thanx to the wonderful lifeguards who make it in to our beloved Tooting Bec Lido day in day out (come rain, snow or sunshine) that we have such a wonderful time! They have a big part in making the winter months at the pool very special in every sense of the word!

Aaron has always got a big smile on his face

Judging by the choice of her mug, Sarah loves fast cars (as well as the Lido!)

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