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Saturday, 16 January 2010

In the plus

On a very rainy and windy day, the snow is all gone and the water temperature is (just) in the plus ... reading +1 celsius and feeling positively warm!

This may sound funny but as a regular swimmer, and all regulars will back me on that, one can truly feel ( and welcome) every slight increase in the water temperature. It is amazing how finely tuned our bodies are and probably even more amazing how well they cope in these (rather) extreme conditions :)
The result : a lot of the regular swimmers are upping their game again. Some still keeping at swimming widths but 4 or even 6 at a time! Some even swimming lengths. I opted for 2 x 2! and then one (with sauna intervals that is!)

Nicky on her length

Sangeeta feeling great after her swim

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