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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Early bird in action

Yes, quite right Doreen, it's about time you looked at the blog! Wendy is helping Doreen write down the blog address. Let's see if she gets on later today ... and, (blog) spots herself!

Wendy sipping on her well deserved hot chocolate and sharing a joke with Doreen

And for all those who haven't figured out who the owner of the cap and goggles (pictures yesterday) is, I'll give you another "shot" at it :)

Guess who?

Swimming Saturdays is always fun because I get to see SLSC members I don't usually bump into during week days. Either they swim (too) early (for me!) or they can actually only make it to the pool on weekends...

Seeing that seasoned (early bird) Tooting Bec Lido swimmer Veronique hasn't featured on the blog (yet), she overdue some publicity!


... during her swim

and after!

Good to see Dr Andy again too!

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