Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ice age

This morning the notice board at the Lido said 'ice age is on its way" ... I beg to differ because the ice age has most definitely arrived!

I really have to laugh at myself for getting so excited about a bit of ice ... cause I grew up in Austria where winters are cold .. really cold! I remember getting rather upset when having to school horses (for a living) in sub zero degrees celsius for days on end .... riding up to ten horses a day my feet and hands used to get absolutely frozen - sometimes to the point where I could not hold the reins properly let alone do up the little buckles on the horses tendon boots or tighten the girth which keeps the saddle in place! I had to wear layers and layers of clothes to keep warm which made moving on a horse rather awkward :) and here I am a few years later getting literally ecstatic about taking my clothes off to swim in the massive and beautiful Lido in Tooting where most of the pool is frozen solid and one third of the water reads 0 degrees celsius :)

I'm glad to report though that I'm not the only person some may judge as "nutters" :)

Simon is literally beaming after having been in for his swim

Lifeguard Brian and Chris are sharing a joke while Vince has come out after having swam the equivalent of 100 yards

Jonathan has it still all to do

Lifeguard Aaron and "The Ice":)

Aaron trying to move the huge sheet of ice from the shallow end up to the deep end

under the ice - magical

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