Friday, 8 January 2010

The latest craze

The word's getting out, The Tooting Bec Lido was even on the news! Funny how people get attracted to extremes ... heat waves and cold spells are sure to get news reporters going and our Lido on the map.

Well, who knows, if this weather carries on and the publicity increases people will soon be queuing at the gate .. :) some probably only to watch because we do get up to crazy things here! The latest craze, which started yesterday, is rolling in the snow!

Today, it was conducted in a more organised manner ... then again, it does still look pretty random :) Nicky having only just recovered in the sauna was quite happy to skip that stage of the fun and stick to taking the photo!

Chris, myself, Sue, Margy, Chris and Jonathan

It's really lovely to see how many more members are coming earlier, eager to start their day with an invigorating splish. Today, we were actually able to do much more than a splish - the air temperature was a bit kinder, melting the ice a touch - although we were not able to swim across a width of the pool, we could swim from steps to steps which is the equivalent of a width. Ahhhh and it felt so amazing to be back to "proper" swimming :)

The lifeguards are doing such a great job clearing the ice and snow to make swimming and walking around the pool safe.

Ian having a good look ....before getting in

... and well on his way

glad he's done it and feeling ecstatic!

The traffic at the pool has certainly intensified over the last few days.

Changing of the guards!

Nicky was in for a bit of a shock. When she last swam the water temperature was 5 Celsius whereas today it was 0!

Traffic in the water increased too! Nicky and Sue.

Nicky made is safely to the end.

Angie on her second swim after the sauna

Hilary as freeeeee as a bird!

and Mandy? just as freeeeee, I'd say!

Mandy and Hilary

Mandy took this shot of me

The sun came out just in time for Sue to get ready for her swim

David, on the other hand, announced that he was going to have a shower and a sauna and skip swimming :)

Marianne helping Mandy to get the lid off her shampoo bottle!

Deb, Lucy and Clare excited about their forthcoming trip to the Championship in Bled

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  1. Saw thin ice on my local stream this afternoon and thought about you and your chums ;)