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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Go go go

Opening the front door this morning, the air temperature felt a bit warmer ... good news followed because there was hardly any ice left on the pavement and certainly nothing on the cars which made me wonder how that would translate to the Lido? How much of the Lido would still be covered in ice and in which parts of the pool would it be safe to swim today?

However, cycling up Tooting Bec Road I must admit that the air felt a lot colder! Yes, we have plus degrees today but the wind was still adding a considerable chill to the air!

The pool was clear of ice down the entire side we have been swimming in for the past few days and at the shallow end. A layer of ice was, however, still floating over most of the pool.

The water felt very cold. I am starting to believe in the theory that water where ice has melted is colder than water that is just about to freeze. The longer I thought about it (Margy first came out with that theory the other day), the more it makes sense, cause all the ice that has just melted is pretty cold whereas the water that is thinking about forming crystals is not quite there yet!

Disregarding all theory (or taking it into account?!) Vince bravely swam a whole length and set the benchmark! For Vince, no ice and a clear run means go, go, go! I was more than happy to keep it to two widths! - I was in a bit of a hurry today which meant that we swan at about the same time and caught up in the sauna for a good natter! I had another width after the sauna which was amazing too - Chris and Chris also swam a length ... but, hey, its not a competition :) it's all about enjoying what you feel happy with! And I'm sure everybody at the Lido does exactly that!

Deep end of the pool still had quite a bit of ice

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