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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Loving every minute

The Lido winter experience is getting better and better and more and more members are trickling in wanting to get in on the action!

I didn't check but rumour has it that the water temperature was down by half a degree : minus 0.5 Cesius. Well, considering that only a relatively small corner of the pool was free of ice, it might very well be true. Swimming (or dipping!) in it would probably be an all time record for most Tooting Bec Lido winter swimmers ... it certainly was for me!

... not for Bob though.

Today he simply had to get in, in memory of the good old days when the entire pool was iced over and he freed up a corner to get in!

Brian was back on duty and also enjoyed being here.

Vince took a slightly more cautious approach today... looking for ice, he tells me!

March of the penguins

Egg kept to his (skipping) routine!

Julie and Fiona after their thrilling splish

My hands were pretty cold by now ...but I couldn't resist to take my camera under water today!
I dived all the way to the bottom of the deep end and took this shot coming back up -

Running back to the sauna , I quickly pointed the camera at Alison who was on her way to the ever popular "water hole"

Soon after I had made it to the sauna the talk of the day was the thrill of getting out and rolling in the snow ... ah ok that sounds a bit different .. why not?! they were all out like a shot and it was hard to catch them all together ...

... Chris attempting to make a snow angel

not quite sure what Sue was doing :) ...

... but Margy was definitely getting back in the sauna!

And so did I! I had barely been in the sauna before rushing out (still in a daze) - But after a good warm up I jumped back in the pool with Wendy and Gail and took an underwater shot of them before heading back to the sauna again .. well I figured I deserved another go :)

Wendy and Gail

And guess what? the sauna was still full! This time with another lot! Hilary, Martin, Mandy, Eddy and another happy member (from Croydon) I haven't met before ... this time I can't even be blamed for having forgotten his name ... sadly, I neglected to ask him ... ahh well... next time!

Martin got seriously hot in the sauna and needed extensive cooling down :)

For me : time to get out of the sauna and home to get some breakfast ... would you believe it, it's almost 10 am ... I've been here since 8am! ... and loving every minute of it :)

Hot off then press Wendy just sent me photos of me she took!

Just before jumping in...

... and on the way up again taking my shot

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