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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This morning the shallow end of the pool was bearing an ever so slight and thin layer of ice which disrupted most people's swimming routines - swimming lengths was out and creative swimming was the name of the game - starting by swimming a width followed by keeping to the edge of the following three sides of the pool was an option the die hards like Vince, Sue and Chris opted for ... Fazlar clocked up a few widths ... Margy and I stuck to two widths... mind you I did (at least) dive in which none of the others did ... :)

Fazlar's contemplating his swimming options while performing his usual exercise routine before getting in ...

... and Fazlar in full action

Michael's routine starts with a hot drink

Mystery man's coat... he too was well into his usual skipping routine before ...

... cooling down to complete his routine - "Mr Egg" ran and jumped so fast that the camera couldn't quite keep up with him .. hence it's all a bit blurred :)

Vince on the lookout for a new route avoiding the ice and yet keeping up the distance - perfect solution a because one could leave ones flip flops in the same spot too!

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