Monday, 4 January 2010


What an amazing beginning of the year we are having at the Lido! Today the water as well as air temperatures were below zero. Most of the pool was covered in a substantial layer of ice ... even the deep end wasn't free of it ... one could definitely watch how the water was getting thicker and thicker and almost witness crystals forming, beautiful! Swimming was restricted to keeping to the edge of the pool, getting in by the steps in the deep end and swimming to the first set of steps (which is about as far as one width of the pool). The guards were great, they watched every move and stroke we took and walked along the side of the pool next to us. The sun was out but the air was still at minus 3 Celsius, the water at zero, and the water one carried back out, such as the water of our foot steps immediately froze ... awesome!

frozen foot steps

I swam from the first steps in the deep end to the next and back. Ouch! the body was fine .. but THE FINGERS ... oh my God ... a brisk walk from the deep end to the sauna was recommended :)
Made it, ahhh, what pleasure ... going by the smiles that welcomed me as soon as I opened the door to the sauna, the expression on my face must have said it all :)
Fortunately the "pain" in my hands was short lived.... Bums on the top bench shuffled around, I got a seat sandwiched between Margy and Vicky, held my hands above my head where the temperature is even hotter and two minutes later I was as good as new! Mind you, my mouth still felt frozen which made for strange sounding words :) but I'm happy to report that even that experience was short lived!

The conversation revolved around who was going to go back in for more? I wasn't quite sure whether I'd go for another dip after the sauna ... Sue was, Margy wasn't, Mandy was, Chris wasn't, the other Chris was .. so what the heck so will I, I thought .... and yes, I did - of course it was amazing and well worth it!

Fazlar swimming faster than the ice fas forming!

Margy sporting the "Bled Head" proto type the SLSC members will be wearing in Slovenia later this month

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