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Friday, 22 January 2010

Matching the evidence

I'm getting quite good at guessing who may be in the sauna simply by looking at the clues left outside the sauna door :) can anybody else match the evidence to the person?!

I felt a bit heady this morning ... however, not wanting to stay away from the pool altogether and opted to try something "new", one width head up breaststroke :) and still in the water, running a widths back (to my flip flops!) - it felt "strange" ... but hey, it got me in the water and I felt I was being sensible! Besides, running in the water was harder than I thought! It's good exercise - although, if the truth be known, I still prefer front crawl!

Or, I could have tried a cool Tai-chi workout with Jonathan!

Vince standing tall after his two lengths -

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